Custom designed "Plancha" grill system


About the project


Designed from scratch to have a striking appearance and excellent functionality. This "Plancha" grill is the ultimate combination cooker for your garden. Heaving the healthier benefits of a dedicated steel plate grilling alongside the capability to mesh grill, and direct-fire cooking.
This system was designed to fit a very strict target price and is meant to be flat shipped and assembled by the end-user. Therefore the design can suit trading companies or bulk sheet metal manufacturers that wish to add new products to their range. Several design iterations were made each complete with professional technical drawings, manufacturing files, BOM charts, CAD models, heat flow simulations, experiment protocols, safety documentations, manufacturing instructions, QA protocols, and so on...

DAHAN constantly design, build and test ready to manufacture grills, smokers, and outdoor kitchens. Feel free to contact us if you're interested in buying one, buying manufacturing rights and documents, or have a custom system professionally designed to tailor your budget, market, and needs.