Magnetic Figurines


The birth of a new brand


DAHAN Solutions was challenged to create a whole line of custom-designed figurines sets with ultra-short time to market targets. This was a full-scale design to manufacture project. DAHAN was entrusted with product design, mold design, Quality assurance, overseeing the manufacturing of molds and parts, prototyping, lab testing, and more. Literally, every aspect of this grand-scale project was completed by our talented team, managing extensive work plans and BOM charts having thousands of parts and product combinations. We established business relations for the client in China, handling contracts, patents and intellectual properties, quality assurance and lab testings, a complete "turn-key" project management solution.  

This project was commissioned by the PM brand, which previously had several successful developments with DAHAN and has now authorized DAHAN  to do all of the brand's future product developments.  

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