About the project

2014 - 2015

As a professional CAD designer with rich know-how in metal fabrication and construction, I often get to work with metal-smiths. Usually, I do simple stuff and quick services for them like modeling staircases, gates, handrails, pathways, ramps and service bridges and so on. Mainly they need my services to realize long cut lists, the center of mass, accurate measuring, exact total project's material,  visualization and renderings, simple stress analysis and so on. 

Rarely I get an opportunity to work on creating a whole brand and a complete line of products for a metal fabrication shop. The  BLACKITE  brand was borne. 



 The  BLACKITE  brand belongs to the metal-smith who was courageous enough to give me a free hand at creating it. my designs were installed in several gyms across Israel and many more were sold as personal home rigs and D.I.Y kits.