About the project


This is the first link of a complete production line to manufacture large PVC covers for trailer trucks. I'm currently designing the whole production line in 3 main segments. A Roll Selector And Positioning unit (shown above), A Construction and Belts Soldering Unit, and a Hardware Installation and Finishing Unit. The units are designed as stand alone stations that integrate together to form the complete line. This setup will allow adding gear and processes in the future, such as A large format Eco-Solvent  Printer, lamination processes or additional shaping, soldering, or cutting equipment. 


This was not an ordered job. I always wanted to design a whole production line, I love the idea that a group of simple individual mechanisms forms together a complicated product in an accurate choreography of operations. These days most production lines are highly evolved and complex masterpieces of engineering, that require years and resources to develop. I don't even dare to claim I can achieve something like that by myself. I was looking for an idea of a simple production line that i can design from the ground up. 


Basically this whole project is done as A theoretical model, but nevertheless it will be made with extreme attention to detail. Functionality, operability, safety, maintenance, construction,  and even build and operation costs are all taken into consideration.

Loads, stresses, forces, tolerances, power output and supply are meticulously analysed and calculated. The cad model is only the show piece, I also created the entire "build file" including manufacturing drawings, parts and suppliers sourcing lists, documented calculations and analysis reports.





truck cover
truck cover

Samples of the manufactured product - Trailer Curtain Covers from a PVC sheet

Active Storage Device for Rolled Media Products.