About the project


We love designing furniture. The every day use dictates practicality,and must co-exists along side to the desired appearance created by the object in the room. More-over, we simply love the ease of designing an object now, and watching it come to life an hour later, sometimes serving it's purpose for many years. A correct piece of custom designed furniture is always the single most influencing part of an interior design, and mostly, the most interactive part of it. 

Designing work spaces, with practical, functional, and sometimes even mechanical furniture is our passion and drive, in furniture applications. We design our own, for our studio and office spaces, hence the dramatic, industrial, heavy wood and raw iron theme. Nevertheless we are very pleased to welcome opportunities  to step out of our universe  and into your's, designing your dream.

If you have a clear vision or even just a rough idea of a plan, we can make it visual for you in a very short schedule. The ease and simplicity in most furniture design projects makes it a very quick, interactive, and cost effective experience.

Call us now and start you'r own design in just a few minutes...