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robotic systems for the future of automated store and retrieve systems

Autonomous robotic systems for the future of automated store and retrieve facilities.

bespoke plancha grill

A complete project of design to manufacture and engineering, of a bespoke "Plancha" Steel Plate Grill made for flat-pack shipping and self assembly.

Stone tile slitting machine

Small part of a massive complete automation of an industrial plant for precast concrete walls

huge aluminum pivoting door array

Grand scale pivoting doors array with custom engineered structure and frame.

An autonomous and fully automatic Tiling solution.

complete line of magnetic figurines

massive scale project designing and manufacturing a complete line of unique injection molded magnetic toys.

Semiconductor manufacturing technology

A Rendering project of a unique aero-mechanical non contact chuck designed for the semiconductor manufacturing industry

Aero-Mechanical POC

A Design and Build of a Proof Of Concept and demonstration device for an aero-mechanical method of creating Selective Vacuum.

Custom CNC machinery

new custom CNC machinery design and build project for a leading research institute. Stay tuned and catch more details soon..

Moon Tiles

Toys can be surprising of the level of engineering know-how they require to complete. Especially when injection molded parts are used to create unique shapes.

straightening Jig

Design and build of a unique solution to a micro-meter surface deviation assembly problem.

custom robotic Omni wheel

new design of an easy to produce custom "omni wheel" or as sometimes referred as "mechano wheel" for robotic systems of various sizes.

Nanometric lithography aero mechanical b

An aero-mechanical controlled float bed with nano-metric positioning system, complete design and render project.


Design from scratch and complete build of a unique, experimental casting machine, costume made for a world leading customer

Fan Folding Gate

A robust automated drive-way gate with unique, "hand fan" inspired design.

an amazing venture, my own invention, a patent pending device, looking for investors, you can join us! its the seed stage...

Non contact chuck demo

Design and Build of a demonstration device for a semiconductor Non-Contact chuck technology.

manual CVT project

a design project of an industrial grade manual or automatic CVT. (Continually Variable Transmission) ..


This simple and ingenious machine was designed and built by my company with a sole purpose in mind, to save human life at cement plants.

Ventury conveyor

A simplified, particulate and powder materials conveying machine. unloading big-bags in seconds!

Raise, home aid lifting device

An example of A complete, full service project all the way from a basic idea all the way to mass production. tailor made to suit a clients strict demands.

Pneumatic pipe inspection robot, inspired of nature's many caterpillars.

The Tablet stands project

A complete product design and manufacture, "turn key" project.

Custom made pneumatic perforation device for the trailer cover industry.

The first link of a complete production line for making PVC trailer curtains. This is the heavy PVC sheets roll handler / storage unit...

New Project

an amazing new innovation will transform combat ability of soldiers and police forces.


Coming Soon, A revolutionary new baking system that will totally re-define the future of automated wafer baking

safe box kit

a great example for an extensive, consumer product, design project. with multiple design stages and an actual working prototype build.

BLACKITE Gym Equipment

complete branding, design and engineering of an entire line of products for the BLACKITE gym gear and equipment manufacturer.

industrial stool

Design of a Complete Line of "industrial" style mechanical furniture.

Iron Works Structures

DAHAN Solutions provides custom design services to local metal smiths and fabricators, in varying fields of the industry.