Product Design

At DAHAN, we really stick to the phrase no job too big, no job too small. We treat each project professionally and enjoy the many intricates that even a simple product design process has. Thus it sometimes happens that on one side of the desk, we are solving a grand scale complex mechanical system, and at the same time, on the other side were making toys for an entrepreneur who raises his own brand and sells them on Amazon...

With a strong background in engineering and extensive knowledge in design and manufacturing, we design many products for our clients and manage all the processes in these projects all the way to the end of the production lines, far east.

Check out these sample projects:
Army edition - set of 4 figures
police set of magnetic figurines
DAHAN Solutions designs and manages all manufacturing needs of a complete line of toys for a new and uprising, high-quality magnetic toys brand - Pythagoras Magnets.
magnetic ninja figurines
2021-07-23 08_03_17-WhatsApp.png
Moon Tiles - a magnetic assembly game
DAHAN Solutions designs a new product for mass production in China and guides the entrepreneur to find suppliers and service providers abroad.   
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