About the project


This was a fan packed, springy project. We engulfed this entrepreneur all the way from a blurred vision and a list of demands to a final, working design, ready for A Kick Starter campaign. The idea was to create a household device that can aid elderly or disabled people with their laundry chores. the challenge was it had to be lightweight, cheap, aesthetically pleasing, operate without batteries or cord, and the list went on and on. So much that we were the only mad-ones brave enough to pick that glove. Nevertheless, we did a brilliant job and solved every aspect and fulfilled the client's wish list of features. it has now passed the evaluation and analysis stages, the POC was built and the whole project is mass production-ready!  

We serviced this client's needs in every way possible. from a business plan to professional investor presentations, including executive summaries and complete production plans. We even aided in sourcing optional suppliers and marketing possibilities, creating the client's brand and marketing materials.  We even designed the packaging brochures and what-not. 


"if you're required to lift, you need to get a RAISE"      

Raise home ag lifting device.96.jpg
Raise home ag lifting device.80.jpg
Raise home ag lifting device.82.jpg
Raise home ag lifting device.133.jpg