About the project

2015 - 2017

This project turned into a full business venture now raising funds and looking for investors. please view the presentation video below for details

What started as an idea in class turned into a full scale venture with tremendous potential.

I was a student at "the Technion" , Israel's finest university when I noticed that most of my teachers were carrying a ridiculous amount of whiteboard markers. Even though in every lesson at least one marker was trashed, it still was a weird amount of markers to carry. I investigated the phenomena and found out several reasons. In general, all of them really wanted to avoid a situation of using a near empty marker in class and then wasting valuable time  

explaining to the students what they were unable to  clearly see. Also, they needed at least 4 colors and the secretary in-charge of the markers had obviously been given orders to not dispense the markers that easily...  

I realized there was a problem, the markers were a big expanse for the university. I analysed their cost and an amazing idea came to my mind. 


These markers are basically just plastic containers for the ink that they hold. I found out that the ink inside a new marker takes less than 3% of the marker's value. Basically, this meant that everybody were trashing about one dollar of intact plastic containers because of 3 cents worth of depleted ink. No one wanted to even hear the word Refillable markers (a type of maker with an interchangeable core or refillable ink reservoir of some sort, these exist in the current markets), the teachers hated the thought of manually refilling them in critical moments, and the university's buyers hated their costs. A lot of waste was being created each year from the same institutes that were preaching for clean environment...  but not only that, money was wasted and teachers were having a bad user experience from a well matured and evolved product. The idea of an automatic re-filler was born. Later on it was discovered to be with amazing influential aspects upon, another, totally different industry. 

Now, the "idea" had become  valuable not only in the 400.M$ annual whiteboard market, but also in an another totally different multi billion market where big fortune 500  fish swims.. 


Be sure to check-out the presentation above and the downloadable materials if you'r interested in knowing more, or even partner up with me and invest in a brilliant new venture.