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With our experience, at your service, complex situations in Design are easily avoided. Problems are solved and designs are simplified.

It's what we do best!...   

Whether you are an entrepreneur with a bright idea or an engineering company with a need to outsource CAD work, we understand your needs and save you time and money by skillfully running cutting edge and powerful CAD workstations with the best software available, providing:

  • Complete R&D services

  • Model rendering. 

  • Presentation materials.

  • System & process animations 

  • Product & machinery design.

  • Professional technical drawing.

  • Finite element analysis.

  • Product simulations.  

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At DAHAN we can take your CAD model or production plan and process it into a full-blown working prototype or a one-off masterpiece. All details of the procedure are documented. Experiments and testings are performed in a controlled environment and results are accurately recorded. On mass-production intended products, we will mimic actual production techniques to obtain knowledge and a revision of the original production plans accordingly.  

All works are performed interactively with our clients. Rapid prototyping and sampling of models, textures, and raw materials are consulted with the entrepreneurs at all stages of the prototyping process. We guarantee our clients satisfaction with the highest standards possible.  

Among our capabilities are: 

  • High accuracy, professional welding.  

  • CNC milling, 3&4 axis.

  • High accuracy laser engraving/cutting.

  • High-quality 3D printing FDM/SLA.  

  • Textile processing/stitching. 

  • Silicone molding/injection molding

  • Sheet metal fabrication.

  • CNC bending.

  • Vacuum-forming / thermo-forming 

  • NDT experiments and analysis. 

  • eco-solvent printing / powder-coating / painting.

  • controlled environment assembly 

And much more, check out these sample prototype projects and see more in the PROJECTS pages...

prototype rendering
prototype by DAHAN Solutions

C.G Rendering

Real Model Build

non cotact POC
non contact POC

C.G Rendering

Real Model 


C.G Rendering


Real  Build

3D Printing services

At DAHAN Solutions we provide 3D printing services for companies and individuals. We offer professional advice and guidance, after print finishing services, and even CAD modeling assistance. Our rates are among the lowest you could find, and the quality of the prints is guaranteed! Our clients can choose from a vast variety of materials and finishing options, and out of 2 printing methods: Dual Material FDM, or SLA. The experience of our technicians is at your service and will come in handy when trying to print complex shapes, or using advanced engineering materials, for printing flexible components, molds or other print jobs that require extream quality or demanding specifications.   

SLA Print volume:  292 x 165 x 400 mm

FDM print volume: 215 x 215 x 300 mm


If you need A print quotation or 3D printing consulting 

please do not hesitate  


Outsource engineering & planning

High-tech companies & engineering firms

Are you a manager of a busy engineering company with fluctuations in the workload? Firing or over-working technical staff can be difficult and unnecessary. DAHAN Solutions can operate as an outsourced assisting force to your technical department. With great experience in a variety of mechanical engineering fields, and working with many different professionals in their own environments, we learned to adapt fast to our client's needs and working methods. We will provide fresh and creative solutions, enforcing your staff, and bring experience and new design methods into your company from all over the industry.  We will ease the workload off of your staff, creating professional technical drawings and engineering designs according to your company's standards. Either at your facilities or from our studio, we will save you time and money, with the ease of outsourcing without additional commitments.    

Nanometric lithography aero mechanical b
rendering analysis and simulations
tailored design

Metal fabrication Shops & furniture manufacturing  

Either if you are a Self-employed Metal Smith or a full metal fabrication plant, a carpenter with a need for a kitchen simulation service or a furniture manufacturer with a constant flow of new designs needing rendering and technical drawing services. We can efficiently create your designs and production plans without the additional costs and commitments of running an in house design and engineering department. With extensive knowledge in construction frames, fastening methods, welding, and structural assemblies we easily take the design burden off of architects, designers, civil engineers, and metalsmiths.   

No matter if it's a simple or a complex task we work fast to provide results and serve your needs on budget and a schedule. 


We Provide:  

  • Fast High-end rendering for promotions and reinforcing tender offers.

  • technical drawings for manufacturing.

  • cut-lists and BOM generations.

  • assembly instructions & connection details.

  • Product Simulations

  • FEA services

  • calculations of Material Usage /

       Total mass / Center of Mass /

       Total weld length / Structural

       integrity and much more...

custom iron works structures and Jigs
Metal stair case simulation
custom iron works structures and Jigs

Product Optimizations


If you sell anything on an internet based marketing arena like AMAZON or ebay you need to see this! check out on of the short clips below, our Product Optimization services can dramatically raise your products ratings and effectively solve quality related issues with ease.


Project Management 

DAHAN Solutions is a young and agile service provider. Nevertheless, it is based upon 2 decades of project management experience. Our expertise shine at any scale of mechanical oriented projects. From complex industrial plant optimization projects to single production line restorations and automation processes. Our strict and uncompromising approach and rigorous methodology allow us to untangle the complexity of large scale multidisciplinary  projects into clear and organized procedures and work plans, maintaining efficient work flows, safety balanced with performance. To learn more about our abilities click the link below and leave us your contact details.