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About the project


A tablet stand is a fairly simple product, even though it has several very specific functions, its clear that the CAD  aspect of this project was not the showcase reason.
the client who ordered this job from me wanted a  "turn- key" design and manufacture suit. a walk in the park i thought, until I heard the demands... a single stand had to fit at least 3 different sizes of tab devices. It had to conceal all cabling, the tab had to be theft proof, the stand had to rotate 180 degree on a specific friction turn, both cameras had to be functional (they have different location in different devices). 3 units are to be prototype in an insane schedule. moreover the mass production stage was only 200 units and I was forbidden to use any custom tooling like molds or custom bending tools etc. on-top  of that, all had to be done inside a ridiculous budget...   and the list of demands went on.. 

A walk in the park it was not, but a technical challenge it was, and I loved it. I had a great experience, and it was a nice stretch to my project management skills and to the laws of physics...